Mods with realism

Realismus Modding was formed in 2016 with a vision for increased realism in Farming Simulator.

We are just as passionate about virtual farming as we are about real farming, so we create mods which focus on making gameplay more realistic.

Our team is always hard at work improving our mods and creating new ones, so follow us to hear about our latest projects. You can also join our Slack to talk with us directly.

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Latest news

Seasons 19: Weeds

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As we approach the release date of Seasons 19, we will be deep diving into the various new and improved gameplay mechanics that the mod introduces. Today we will talk about weeds.

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Seasons 19: What's new

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The new version of Seasons, made for Farming Simulator 19, brings plenty of new and improved features.

Learn about the upgraded growth and weather, the updated visuals and audio, and the brand new animals system in this post.

The manual will be updated to explain all that is new in Seasons 19. This update will arrive before release.

We hope the changes and new features provide more interesting and less repetitive gameplay, matching more what real life farmers go through.

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Animal productivity

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This post is part of a series with background information on Seasons. The previous post was about ground wetness.

Note: this post is about version 1.2.1 of Seasons. Any future changes might be added below in notes.

In Seasons version 1.2 came a new feature that controls the productivity of animals. The productivity of animals are now calculated as an average over time, which means that there are no immediate effects for changes in diet. The productivity is now more a measure of healthiness.

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