Seasons 19: Release

When you read this Seasons for Farming Simulator 19 has been released on ModHub for PC and Mac. You can find the mod in the game under the ‘Gameplay’ category. It is also available on the ModHub website.

Read the manual to learn all about the mod. If you missed out on what’s new, read our blog post.

Hauer Snow Pack

Together with GIANTS Software we have created two brand new licensed tools from Hauer: the SRS-3 snow blade and the TS-215 salt spreader. Use it together with Seasons 19 to manage the snow around your yard and fields.

The mod requires Seasons to work. Seasons provides BigBags of road salt in the shop.

It can be downloaded in the ModHub under ‘Gameplay’ or ‘Misc’, or on the ModHub website.

Weeds in the field

Where are the GEO mods?

We have put all our time and energy into Seasons 19 for now, so the GEO mods are not ready for release. We will do our best to test them and release them next week or the week after. We will release our U.S. Midwest, Wales and Northern Sweden GEOs first.

What about console?

After FarmCon 19 we will continue resolving bugs and issues that arise. We will also start the QA process for the console. This will require some work and time. Then a game patch will be prepared. All in all, it will take some time. There is no release date, and we also don’t know whether we will have to cut features yet.

I’ve encountered a problem!

Report it to us on GitLab or Slack, so we can try to find a fix. Please provide your log file and a .zip file of your whole savegame.

Not all problems are actual bugs. Sometimes it is out intended design. For help on how to play with Seasons 19, consult other players on forums or Discord.