Seasons 19: Animals


This is a guest post written by Adam, also known as Zugs. He has helped us with the new animal system in Seasons 19 for Farming Simulator 19. Adam has contacted countless sources, such as farmers, nutritionists, veterinarians and agri-governments, to gather the best data possible. Together with him and his knowledge we created a system that we think is interesting, challenging and close enough to real life. In this post he will be explaining more about the animals, their breeds and their design. Note that all numbers in this post are prone to change for rebalancing.

Seasons 19: Update v1.0.1 and GEO mods


We have just released the first update for Seasons 19: version 1.0.1. This update contains a lot of bug fixes, including fixes for all the biggest issues we have seen and have had reported. Some changes have changed the gameplay to make it work better or solve issues that we have seen.

Today we also released our first three GEO mods: Wales, U.S. Midwest and Snowy Lands.

Read the release notes to read all the changes made.

Seasons 19: Release


When you read this Seasons for Farming Simulator 19 has been released on ModHub for PC and Mac. You can find the mod in the game under the ‘Gameplay’ category. It is also available on the ModHub website.

Read the manual to learn all about the mod. If you missed out on what’s new, read our blog post.

Seasons 19: Growth


One of the major design goals for Seasons was to remove the feeling that you were stuck in ground hog day – every day was exactly the same perfect summer’s day. In the morning you could plant crops and you would be harvesting them that same afternoon. Seasons 17 took steps to remove that feeling and gave the player the opportunity to follow a typical farming year with penalties for planting crops at the wrong time. This was better than a ground hog day, but playing through multiple years could also become monotonous and the feeling of ground hog year could creep in. Once a player understood the growth calendar and planted at the right time they were always guaranteed a 100% success rate.

Seasons 19: Map and placeable mods


The manual of Seasons 19 has been updated to contain information on preparing mod maps and placeables.

Seasons 19: Weeds


As we approach the release date of Seasons 19, we will be deep diving into the various new and improved gameplay mechanics that the mod introduces. Today we will talk about weeds.

Seasons 19: What's new


The new version of Seasons, made for Farming Simulator 19, brings plenty of new and improved features.

Learn about the upgraded growth and weather, the updated visuals and audio, and the brand new animals system in this post.

The manual will be updated to explain all that is new in Seasons 19. This update will arrive before release.

We hope the changes and new features provide more interesting and less repetitive gameplay, matching more what real life farmers go through.

Animal productivity


This post is part of a series with background information on Seasons. The previous post was about ground wetness.

Note: this post is about version 1.2.1 of Seasons. Any future changes might be added below in notes.

In Seasons version 1.2 came a new feature that controls the productivity of animals. The productivity of animals are now calculated as an average over time, which means that there are no immediate effects for changes in diet. The productivity is now more a measure of healthiness.

New model for ground wetness


This post is part of a series with background information on Seasons. The previous post was about maintenance and repair of vehicles.

With Seasons version 1.2 comes a new model for ground wetness to better capture the variability of the water content in the soil. The model is driven by environmental factors like rain, melting snow, relative humidity, air and soil temperature and more.

Maintenance, repair and Seasons


This post is the first post of a series with background information on Seasons.

There have been many questions about the repair feature in Seasons and why there is both a repair and maintenance cost. Here we explain some of the reasoning and background.

Seasons and mod support


It has been four months since Seasons won the Giants ModContest 2017, and even longer since the latest blogpost. Seasons has been received way better than we could have ever hoped for and we are glad players enjoy it so much. We are continuing development to make it even better, with new gameplay, more planning and adding more realism.

Release of Seasons


It is an amazing feeling to finally have v1 of Seasons ready to release after 7 months of hard work and many laughs and frustrations. What a great journey with many twists and turns and now finally seeing all of the features working seamlessly together makes me feel proud of what we have achieved.

Hard Choices


To give some insight into the choices you will be faced when using our mod, I’ll tell a little bit about my singleplayer game. I’ve been using it for play testing throughout the development.