Testing GEO mods

If you made, or are making, a GEO mod it is important to test that it works properly and does not break Seasons, or the game in general.

ModHub QA Testing

When you upload your mod to Giants ModHub, Giants will attempt to test it.

  • The in-game growth overview is the same as the supplied screenshot.
  • Seasons can start a new save game with the GEO mod, without errors.
  • The modDesc.xml contains a seasons tag with a minimum version of 10, and type ‘geo’.

If the GEO mod is not created by Realismus Modding, make sure that:

  • The author is not ‘Realismus Modding’
  • The filename of the mod does not contain “RM” (as in FS19_RM_GEO_Wales)

It is preferable to call the zip name FS19_GEO_<area>.

That the growth works according to the overview will not be tested.