Ambient sound gives a lot of immersion to a map. Farming Simulator 19 has new changes for ambient sound configuration. One of these configuration attributes is whether the sound should play at night.

Seasons adds new attributes for the seasons and new weather.

New attributes

Seasons adds new attributes. If no attributes are specified, the sound defaults to the vanilla set-up. There is thus no need to add these new attributes to sounds you are already content with. Hence all the attributes default to ‘true’.

The new attributes are as follows:

  • playInSpring: boolean, play when it is spring.
  • playInSummer: boolean, play when it is summer.
  • playInAutumn: boolean, play when it is autumn.
  • playInWinter: boolean, play when it is winter.
  • playWhenFreezing: boolean, play when the air is freezing.
  • playDuringStorm: boolean, play when it is storming.
  • playDuringSnow: boolean, play when it is snowing. This one defaults to false, like the playDuringRain from the basegame.