A new maintenance system has been implemented which requires you to repair vehicles manually. Equipment and implements are maintained automatically. When you are inside a vehicle the bottom of the control hud shows the number of hours or days until a service is required, whichever comes first. Repairing a vehicle can be done at the vehicle workshop. Using the dealer workshop will cost you a bit more to simulate extra labour charges. Tool box mods that act like a workshop are compatible and can be used to repair your vehicles as well.

If a machine is not used much, then the maintenance fee will be much lower. If you don’t maintain your vehicle, it may struggle to start, or cut out when working. After a while it may not start at all to simulate a catastrophic failure.

When snow falls tippers and shovels fill up, so you should put them in a shed (when the map has a Seasons mask) or activate the cover.

Q: I pay much less for machinery upkeep now. Why is that?

A: The machinery upkeep system has been changed and is now based on real data for the operating costs of agricultural machinery. By using this mod you will pay a low daily interest and tax as basis for the machinery upkeep. In addition you will be required to do maintenance twice a year or every 30 engine hours for any motorised machinery to avoid an increase in machinery upkeep.

Q: It says that I need to maintain my vehicle. How do I do that?

A: The maintenance can either be done at the dealer or at the placeable workshop. It is more costly to conduct maintenance at the dealer than at your own workshop. It is more costly to maintain machinery that has been used much or that is older. But unused machinery has a low maintenance cost. In case maintenance is overdue, both upkeep and the maintenance cost will be higher. The longer you wait the more costly it will be.

Q: Why does my tractor break down?

A: Motorised machinery with overdue maintenance might break down. The longer you wait the higher the chance is that you will experience breakdowns. To avoid breakdowns you should do maintenance in due time. There is no need to manually maintain equipment that is not motorised as this is done automatically.

Q: I see the sell price of the machinery is different than it used to be. How is the sell price determined?

A: The sell price of the machinery is revised in the mod and based on actual data for depreciation of value of agricultural machinery. The model has been benchmarked towards advertised machinery. Note that machinery requiring maintenance will have lower sell value. Operating hours are now more important for the sell price than the age of the machinery.

Q: At the dealer I don’t get the option to sell my tractor, only repair it. Why is that?

A: At the dealer you need to repair first. Then you will be allowed to sell. You can still sell directly from the garage. But note that you will get more for a tractor that has been repaired.