GEO mods

A GEO mod is a small mod with some XML files and a special Seasons setting in the modDesc. It allows a player to choose a different weather and growth configuration. GEO comes from ‘geographic’, as the mods are meant to describe an actual area in the world, like Midwest U.S.A. or Northern Sweden.

You can download official GEO mods from Realismus Modding on ModHub. A list of available GEO mods can be found at the additional mods page. Other modders have released GEO mods as well.

The guides in this category will explain how to create the configuration files.

Note: All of the possible configuration files for a GEO mod can also be supplied in a map mod. Make sure you put the files in the mod root folder. For example, if the mod is named MyMap, put the weather file at MyMap/seasons_weather.xml

Remarks on publishing

Do not put Realismus Modding as author of the mod. You can add us as contributor, if we contributed. Also make sure you use the proper XML in your modDesc. For examples, look at our own GEO mods. It is preferable to call the zip name FS17_GEO_<area>. Do not put RM in the mod name, that is reserved for the Realismus Modding team.

If you upload your GEO mod to Giants ModHub, make sure to look at the testing document. Also, make sure you supply a screenshot of the growth overview in the Seasons menu.